Our Mission

The Eco-Movers mission is to provide quality moving and labor services to our customers at an economic value while maintaining a positive, sustainable relationship with our local environment. We plan on accomplishing our mission by increasingly recognizing the importance of recycling and what we can do to minimize the impact of our industry to our local environment. Here at Eco-Movers we are constantly thinking of what our company can do to better our local community.

Customer Service

Customer happiness with Eco-Mover service is our highest priority. We believe in the timeless notion that the customer is always right and will do everything in our power to please you and take away the inevitable stress with moving. When you move with Eco-Mover you can rest assured that you will be provided with the most professional service and your move will be done in an efficient, timely manner with the utmost care.

Our Dedication to the Environment

Eco-Movers is the first moving company of its kind in the Puget Sound region. Not only to we provide the best top quality professionalism and skill in the local moving industry but we also provide methods to reduce the impact of our moving industry on the local environment while reducing the overall cost of moving to our customers.

Here is what Eco-Movers is doing to ensure the sustainability of our future and harmony with our environment:

The Eco-Box: The Solution to Cardboard

Eco-Movers is proud to offer the Eco-Box, a reusable plastic moving container that may be rented and reused by others. Here's why you should consider using the Eco-Box in place of using cardboard for your upcoming move:
  • An Eco-Box a reusable and sustainable alternative to cardboard. An Eco-Box can be used multiple times while cardboard may be used only once or twice and then disposed of.
  • By renting Eco-Box you will spend less than you normally would on cardboard and you will be helping to promote sustainability and reuse in our community.
  • Renting Eco-Boxes will help increase the efficiency of your move and will inevitably speed up the time that it takes to perform your move.
  • Loading and unloading Eco-Boxes onto our trucks is much easier for our movers.
  • Rent Eco-Boxes for your next move and you will be surprised and impressed with how quick your move is finished!
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