Every commercial move is unique. When providing you with a quote for your commercial move it is important for us to first get to know you, your business and what it is that you need in order to have a seamless and successful move. For all of our customers we recommend that you schedule a free, no obligation survey appointment with one of our commercial estimators.

What is involved in a Free Commercial Survey?

  • Initially you will be assigned a commercial move manager and they will contact you to schedule an appointment that best works with your busy schedule
  • Your commercial move manager visits you at your facility
  • We will speak with you to better understand your business and how best we may help you with your transition
  • Your commercial move manager will develop a move plan that caters to the needs of your specific move and we will send this plan to you and the estimated cost to carry out the plan.
  • Upon approval of the quote your move manager will schedule and implement your move.


Eco-Movers provides two options for the of pricing commercial service:

Option 1: Binding Estimates

By requesting a binding estimate, we will provide you with an all-inclusive cost for your move that will include all items in the service agreement. This cost will include all moving related expenses such as assembly and disassembly, Waste hauling, cubicle assembly, moving labor etc. With a binding estimate, you can budget for the exact, set amount that you move will cost.

Option 2: Non-Binding Hourly Estimate

With this pricing option we will quote you an hourly rate based on the staff and equipment requirements of your move. We will still provide you with a general estimate based on how long we expect the move to take but the actual bill may vary based on the total number of hours worked by our moving staff.

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