What Can You Expect from Eco-Movers

When Scheduling your Move

Be prepared to be asked the following information to help us with your free moving estimate:
  • Specific or General Date of move
  • Size of household to be moved and what items will be moved
  • Start address and finish address of the move
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Distance from the household/office to the truck
  • Any Stairs
  • Is an elevator involved?
  • Is there parking for the truck?
  • Is there a steep driveway involved?
***All of the above questions are to give an accurate estimate for the move. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for stairs, elevators and distance to the truck or any other physical factors. We charge only for time not for the physical complexity of your moving environment.

Your Moving Date Confirmation

Once you have made decision to use Eco-Movers we will send an appointment confirmation email sent within 24 hours of scheduling your move. This email will detail all of the information about your move such as date, rates, crew size, addresses involved in the move.

Before Your Move

2-3 days before your scheduled move an Eco-Movers agent will give you a call to see if there are any last minute arrangements that you would like to make before your upcoming move. We know moving can be very stressful so if there is anything that you need please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are here to help!

Once the Movers Arrive

Here is what to expect when the movers arrive at your location:
  • The hourly billing starts once the movers have left our warehouse
  • Your Eco-Movers will park the truck in the nearest legal position closest to your location
  • Your Eco-Movers will take an inventory of all items in your home and note any visual damages on the inventory sheet.
  • Your Eco-Movers will go over the Bill of Lading with you and have you sign allowing the work to begin.
  • Your Eco-Movers will make every effort possible to protect your location by setting up floor protection, protecting doors, protecting railing etc.
  • Your Eco-Movers will begin to move your possessions

During your Move

During your move expect nothing but the best in customer service, protection of your items and respect. Your crew will move all of your possessions in a professionally quick, efficient and safe manner. If there are any questions you have please do not hesitate to ask the movers or give our office a call and we will happily take care of your every need.

Upon Completion of Your Move

Once your move has been completed here is what to expect:
  • Your Eco-Movers will ask you to acknowledge that everything is off the truck
  • Payment for services is due (No-Exceptions)
  • You will be asked to fill out a post-move questionnaire to rate your Eco-Movers and your overall moving service with Eco-Movers

Our Equipment

When moving with Eco-Movers you are guaranteed a fully equipped moving truck supplied with 2 hand trucks, 50 top quality professional moving pads, 1 four-wheel furniture dolly, shrink wrap, moving straps and any other necessary moving equipment.

Appointment Times

When scheduling an appointment with Eco-Movers we offer both morning and afternoon moves. Our usual morning appointments are offered with an arrival window of 8-9am and the afternoon appointment generally start between 1pm and 3pm and are contingent upon our morning moves. Let us know what works for you and we will do our best to accommodate you!

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