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Earth-friendly Movers

At Eco Movers, it’s our mission to combine our legendary customer service with industry-leading green practices — it’s that earth-friendly portion of our slogan.

For the first several years after we were founded in 2009, we started a recycling program, stressed used packing materials, and dramatically cut down on cardboard and plastic waste common in the moving industry. We bought several thousand reusable moving boxes, our Eco Boxes, and saved tens of thousands of cardboard boxes by switching to multi-use containers.


Trees for Seattle

Every year since 2009, Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods program has provided trees for Seattle residents to plant in their yards and along streets — more than 9,300 of them! Residents can apply for free trees, and winners of this popular lottery receive a tree, a watering bag, and mulch, training on proper planting, and more. Applications open each summer, and trees are available in the fall. That’s where we come in: Eco Movers is partnering with the city of Seattle to deliver trees to applicants who need help getting their trees home. Interested residents can sign up for the Trees for Seattle email list to keep tabs on when the application window opens in mid-July.

Waste-saving moving practices


Most moving companies use tape to securely wrap the furniture in moving blankets. At Eco Movers, wherever possible, we use large rubber bands. This serves two functions: We don’t waste rolls of tape when items need only be padded for a few hours, and it also helps lengthen the life of our moving blankets.


We often collect used moving boxes (if they’re in good condition) from customers for use in future jobs, and most crews carry used boxes in the trucks in case customers need an extra box or two on moving day. We also encourage our customers to give their lightly-worn used boxes to a friend, rather than throw them in the recycling or the trash.

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