Earth-Friendly Moving Boxes 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Customer and crew health and safety is our top priority as COVID-19 continues to spread. We have put in a number of safety measures to keep our clients and employees safe during this time. If you or anyone in your home is showing symptoms of illness, we do reserve the right to reschedule at a later date. We will also temporarily halt new Eco Box and reusable wardrobe box deliveries.

Eco Movers was founded with the goal of reducing wasteful practices that plague the moving industry. The Eco-Box, our reusable moving containers, is one of many ways for you to get involved in that effort. We’ve saved more than 45,000 cardboard boxes since 2015 thanks to our incredible customers! The Eco-Box is a waste-free alternative to cardboard boxes, as well as being safer for your items and easier to pack and move. We deliver to your door and pick up when you’ve finished unpacking — the easiest way to find packing materials.

Customers can order Eco Boxes online using the button below. You'll hop to our sister website,, but don't worry! It's still us.

  • Reusable moving containers
  • Waste-free, eco-friendly alternative to cardboard
  • Easier and more efficient to move than cardboard
  • Space-efficient during packing and unpacking
  • Safer for items than cardboard
  • Simple online booking
  • Delivery and pickup at your convenience