How to get free movers with Odigo Realty + Eco Movers

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This month, after more than a year working together, Eco Movers and Odigo Realty finalized a unique program that will provide top-quality services to Odigo’s clients.

The deal is simple: buy or sell with Odigo, and your move is paid for.

“This deal is giving our clients the ‘wow’ service that we need,” said Peter Kim, Odigo’s founder. “Having Eco Movers take care of one of the most stressful aspects of real estate transaction is a huge plus for our customer experience.”

Odigo Realty is among the nation’s top real estate groups, and was looking for an additional way to build trust with their clients and stand out in a competitive market. Eco Movers offers a wide range of logistics solutions to best serve Odigo’s clientele, allowing the home buying process to be as stress-free as possible.

Odigo’s offer is unique, and goes above-and-beyond in an industry increasingly distant from old-school customer service.

“The reason why we’re different is we handle a person really well during the transaction,” Kim said. “From start to finish, we guide the person, using our team, to make this as seamless as possible. Having this moving package for them really solidifies the streamlined experience for our customers.”

Odigo clients will get access to Eco Movers two storage warehouses for up to 30 days, and free use of reusable moving boxes. The storage component allows clients to stage homes while they’re on the market or temporarily store items while waiting on their new home to close. The Eco Boxes allow clients to pack and move with minimal cardboard use — which saves the planet, and the recycle bin!

Eastside residents will see the face of Peter Kim on the back of several of our trucks this summer. To contact Odigo, visit or call (425) 409-3823.

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