How much will moving insurance cost?

Moving insurance can be confusing! That’s why we’ve provided this simple tool  to help calculate the cost of insurance and pull back the curtain a little on how this portion of the industry works.

We have a great track record with our customers, but sometimes there’s no way around it: damages do happen. If you have homeowners insurance, check to see what they’ll cover before selecting one of the options. If not, it can be a good idea to add an extra layer of protection for your items.

Quick disclaimer: All licensed moving companies in Washington offer these same levels of insurance. Prices may vary a little bit, but the insurance options are mandated by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. Industry standard for depreciated replacement value is 20% per year for furniture items, and there are exceptions to the insurance like pets, plants, items of extraordinary value and items made of particleboard.

Basic Coverage (Option 1)

This insurance option comes at no cost, and pays $0.60 per pound of an item in the event of damage. Unless a customer selects one of the other options, they will automatically receive basic valuation.

Replacement with Deductible (Option 2)

This option’s cost is calculated based on the total value of the shipment: either a lump sum or $5 per pound of the entire shipment, whichever is greater. Cost is $1.40 per $100 of value, and the plan pays all depreciated replacement or repairs less a $300 deductible. See the calculator below.

Full Replacement (Option 3)

This option, like option 2, is based on the total value of the shipment. The cost is $1.40 per $100 of declared value, and pays all depreciated replacement or repair costs. See the calculator below.

This calculator is meant for planning purposes only. For an accurate cost estimate, request a quote and fill out a complete inventory form.